Music Magic One Man Lady 1981

Music Magic “One Man Lady” (1981)

Yet another rare Hawaiian LP found online to download, this one's called "One Man Lady" by the local band Music Magic. Their first self-titled release was an attempt at Hawaiian jazz-fusion, but their sophomore album ventures into R&B, soul and disco territory. Both Music Magic albums were reissued on the Japanese label Cool Hawaii. Here's [...]

Rob Mehl Taste and See 1980

Rob Mehl “Taste & See” (It’s Good)

I've been blessed with more contemporary Hawaiian music lately, this time it's Rob Mehl's Taste and See album from 1980 [MRC 005 / Ministry Resource Center]. I've been wanting to hear "House on the Rock" for a long, long time. Here it is today. Taste and See is a Christian-inspired album, with lots of AOR [...]

Macky Feary Band (Mackey)

Whenever I think of an album that encompasses what ALOHA GOT SOUL means, Mackey Feary's debut solo effort comes to mind. The album, Macky Feary Band, is an uplifting blend of jazzy keyboards, seductive strings and vocal arrangements—and of course, Mackey's sunny, tug-at-your-heart voice. Every time I hear "You're Young", or the cratedigger's favorite "A [...]