Aura “Magic Lover”

"Magic Lover" by Aura Recognize this one? You might, since it's one of the first tracks on the DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks mix. Whatever beat the band kicks off, Hawaiian funk group Aura struts its prowess in cutting instant dance floor classics. "Magic Lover" is no exception. I love this track because it showcases what [...]

Aura “Let Go It’s Over”

"Let Go It's Over" by Aura I don't think there's a Hawaiian funk album as heavy as Aura's—blazing horns, duo female vocalists, the heaviest dance cuts to ever come out of Hawaii. But a funk/soul group is only as good as their love ballads. I mean, if a band like Aura can take listeners to [...]

“I’ll Remember You” x 2

Kuiokalani Lee was by no means a jazz or funk musician, but his music poured directly from the soul. A singer/songwriter whose compositions helped launch the career of Don Ho, as well as bridge the gap between traditional Hawaiian and pop music, Lee gave us what are his only recorded performances on The Extraordinary Kui [...]

Aura “Yesterday’s Love”

Since my interview with Toshi, whose label Cool Sound reissued an album by Aura, I've been meaning to post my own videos of Aura's music... but why wait if someone else has one up? Here's an outstanding track about love lost, called "Yesterday's Love". It gives me chills to listen to! Her voice is so [...]

DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro – Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks Tracklist now complete! (I just need to add the little details, like release year, catalog number, record label) ALOHA GOT SOUL is dedicated to the funky, soulful, jazzy sounds of Hawaii, so it's only appropriate that I start with DJ Muro's 1hr+ mix, "Hawaiian Breaks." Released in late 2009, the mp3 [...]