Mackey Feary Band Memorabilia

Mackey, Memorabilia and Mysteries

Update: Mahalo to Greenwood’s Wayne Nakamura (Bari, Tenor, Alto Saxes) for putting all these displays together! When I arrived at the 70s Night Club Reunion last weekend, I immediately took notice to the row of memorabilia that filled half a dozen display boards. It was the first thing I saw, and it mesmerized me. 'Memory Lane' [...]

George Street "Magic Lady"

George Street “Magic Lady”

Wish I could post a YouTube video for you, but currently my computer is at factory settings and all my programs gone... oh, well, music is music! I found George Street's "Magic Lady"—finally—after waiting too long to hear it. Yes, this is my first time ever listening to their music, and I say "they" because [...]

Mockup DVD

Aura, Phase VII, more: Live! on DVD

As of July 5th, 2011, DVDs are $40 plus shipping while supplies last! Email Irwin aka 'Supes' for more details and to order your DVD today. ... Original post: For all of you who won't witness the final 70s Night Club Reunion, where Hawaiian R&B/disco/funk bands like Aura, Phase VII, Power Point and Greenwood will perform, [...]

Hawaii 70s Night Club Reunion IX poster

The FINAL 70s Nightclub Reunion!

Honolulu's 70s Nightclub Reunion is having one last celebration before bowing gracefully off stage! Don't miss this show! It's the final reunion, and it's gonna be a blast! But get this: Phase VII and Aura will be performing that night! Never mind me being the youngest guy there—even if everyone will be twice my age*—this [...]

Digital Fix: Nohelani Cypriano

The beginning notes and bird calls of "Lihue" quickly hook you into what becomes 3 full minutes of a seriously tropical groove. I played it last night and again today, and I swear the song gets better with each listen. But you don't have to be from Hawaii to enjoy "Lihue"—music lovers from Detroit to [...]

Greenwood + 70s Night Club Reunion

The Hawaiian version of Tatsuro Yamashita's "Sparkle" was recorded by disco-soul group Greenwood in 1985. Greenwood started in 1972 as a group of 9th graders at Kaimuki High School. The guys are alive and performing today in Hawaii. Their main gig? Probably the 70s Night Club Reunion, a popular concert series that reunites well-known bands [...]