Nova, an obscure funk-disco outfit from Honolulu, 1980.

Nova: Explosive Feel Good Music

There couldn't have been a better name for this obscure disco-funk band. Lead by keyboardist Checo Tohomoso, Nova bursts with power and positivity on every track, gradually bring it full-circle at he end of each song. "Can We Do It Good" is a shining example. But where the hell did this record come from?

Wooford-Keat Road To Home LP

Wofford-Keat “Cheri”

Wofford-Keat's "Cheri"—which has been performed by artists like the Kingston Trio and the Peter Moon Band—is a nostalgic love song that transports listeners to a paradise high above the clouds, where Cheri and her silver bird glide gracefully. Listen to "Cheri" and hear for yourself.

Wofford-Keat Road To Home LP

Wofford-Keat “Terrie & Me”

Here's a nice jam. "Terrie & Me" grew from the local music scene in the 1970s, a time when acoustic guitars and harmonizing vocalists could be found in almost every contemporary Hawaiian band. Country Comfort, Cecilio & Kapono, Olomana—these were Hawaii's big-name-bands of the era, often influenced by mainland acts such as America, The Eagles, [...]

Michael Paulo: Java and Jazz at Jazz Minds, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Michael Paulo at Jazz Minds: Java and Jazz

Michael Paulo ushered a rotating string of artists up to the stage at Jazz Minds Café in Honolulu. He traded drummer for drummer for drummer, bassist for bassist plus another bassist. Michael added a guitarist to the mix, also switching out the pianist and adding another keyboardist, and all the while taking his five to 10 minute-long solos to new heights. This is Michael Paulo's Java and Jazz.

Steve and Teresa Catching a Wave

Steve and Teresa “Catching a Wave”

Talented songwriters keep your attention, but gifted songwriters capture your imagination. When Steve and Teresa released "Catching a Wave", they gave Hawaii one of the greatest gifts of all time. Their classic acoustic jam transports you inside the barrel of a perfect wave filling your spirit with what can only be described as poetic energy.

Summer - Weekends On Malibu

Summer “Weekends on Malibu” Japan-Only LP

Leave it to the Japanese to have (and know) all the good stuff—here's a surprise that woke me up to the warm sounds of Summer's sophomore release. "Weekends In Malibu" is a classic AOR album that combines elements from mellow pop, disco, rock—and of course, sounds of the islands. Even if Ron Yuen and Tim Hurley were jamming 3,800 miles away from home.

A Brand New Day with Ron Ka-Ipo

"Brand New Day" by Ron Ka-IpoHow you begin your day is up to you, but I prefer to wake up to sounds of Hawaii, like this breezy, jazzy track: "Brand New Day" by Ron Ka-Ipo.Ron's music inspires his listeners to reach for the clouds, laugh with your friends, and spend more time with the ones [...]