Aura “Magic Lover”

“Magic Lover” by Aura

Recognize this one? You might, since it’s one of the first tracks on the DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks mix.

Whatever beat the band kicks off, Hawaiian funk group Aura struts its prowess in cutting instant dance floor classics. “Magic Lover” is no exception.

I love this track because it showcases what each member of Aura has to offer, from the dirty bass lines to the brassiest horn section in Hawaii.

What keeps me fascinated by Aura is local music scene columnist John Berger, who wrote in 2003:

“The name change [from The Nomads] to Aura took place in 1984 when a local record producer convinced them, as Christine Mendoza put it, “That the name Nomads wasn’t going to go over.”

The resulting recordings — a single and an album — didn’t capture the group’s proven power and pop chart potential
, but the name stuck.”

More music from Aura:

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2 thoughts on “Aura “Magic Lover”

  1. stacirox says:

    Awesome, OMG, this brings back so many great memories! I miss you guys, hope you’re all doing well…… Sounds Great…………………….

  2. Kelli Lincoln says:

    The name change took place before 1984. The album came out in 1979 which is when the band name change took place. BTW, I’m Bev’s daughter so I KNOW this to be true. John just got the date wrong, not the reason.

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