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Another DJ Muro Gem: Legacy’s “Sun Goddess”

Updated Sept. 6, 2011
While my focus for Aloha Got Soul as a Hawaiian music blog is 1970s and 1980s Hawaiian funk, soul, and jazz music, I’m wide open to anything outside that (very narrow) spectrum. And I’m always excited to make a new discovery about the DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks mix. That’s why the following came as such a welcome surprise.

That oh-so-mysterious cover of Ramsey Lewis’ “Sun Goddess” has finally been unveiled. And with with less than 50 views on YouTube, the news has yet to sweep DJ Muro’s Hawaiian-loving fanbase.

The band’s name is Legacy.

And their album, Sun Goddess, was released in 1994 (Quiet Storm Records). Yup, 1994! This is probably why I haven’t been able to find this track for so long, I’ve been looking in the record bins!

Legacy is:
Conrad Estillore – Vocals & Guitar
Shawn Anguay – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jason Respicio – Vocals, Bass & Ukulele

Supporting musicians on “Sun Goddess” are:
Rory Flores – Drums
Matthias Barnett – Congas
Mike Grande – Keyboards
Yuichiro Nagai – Alto Sax

On vocals are:
Sandy Tsukiyama
Alisa Randolph
Yuichiro Nagai
Conrad Estillore
Jason Respicio
Robi Kahakalau

Other musicians on the album:
Bryan Kessler – Acoustic Steel String Guitar
D. Ramos – Bass
Rob Onekea – Keyboards
Walter Carvalho – Guitar
Bobby Moderow, Jr. – Guitar

Arranged by Rob Onekea and C. Estillore
Recorded at Far West Studios & Audio Resource Honolulu by Rob Onekea and Charlie Lukela

CD cover was designed by Oahu artist Cindy Conklin.

From what I’ve found online, Legacy featured Hawaiian musicians like Brian Kessler, Sistah Robi Kahakalau, Alicia Randolph, and others. Multimedia group Way Out West (which I assume created the album artwork) described their music as “a nice blend of Kalapana mixed with Cecilio and Kapono”.

So here it is, Hawaiian jazz group Legacy with their cover of “Sun Goddess” by Ramsey Lewis. A million mahalos to Bobby for the tip!

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