George Street "Magic Lady"

George Street “Magic Lady”

George Street "Magic Lady"

Wish I could post a YouTube video for you, but currently my computer is at factory settings and all my programs gone… oh, well, music is music! I found George Street’s “Magic Lady”—finally—after waiting too long to hear it.

Yes, this is my first time ever listening to their music, and I say “they” because the band consists of:

  • Gordon Kim, guitar and vocals
  • Gail Mack, vocals
  • Steven Min, guitar and vocals

And get this, Nueva Vida was their backing band.

Who’s that? If you’ve been following my blog (and anticipating the show tomorrow) then you’ll recognize Nueva Vida. They are performing at the final 70s Night Club Reunion this Saturday with Pauline Wilson, vocalist of jazz-fusion group Seawind. More Nueva Vida bio info here.

My favorite George Street so far? “Magic Lady”, the title track. It’ll soon be your favorite, too:

“Magic Lady” by George Street (from Magic Lady)

It’s been a long, long time since I went record digging in Hawaii. Working full-time leaves little time for me to fit in extra trips to the music shops on Oahu, but just the other day I realized something.

I need to be hunting for records at the nearby Goodwill on my lunch breaks.

It was all intuition, too. I got to Goodwill and started at the CD/cassette section, wondering where the hell the vinyl was. They changed the store layout since I last visited.

I walked the entire store, looked outside where the garage doors used to be open to the public. The doors were closed. I almost gave up.

But then I saw a hallway leading through the other end of the store to the outside, back into the garage I thought was now closed.

Yup, found the records. And I swiftly combed every single stack.

I came up with a few decent finds, including some interesting Hawaiian jazz albums that were still sealed (haven’t even listened to them yet, by the way). I was just about to leave feeling down because my intuition had been telling me to do this for a week now!

And then, as I headed out, I saw one final stack of records on the side. And peeking out was George Street’s “Living on Daydreams”.

Score one.

I picked up the entire stack, sat in on my lap and thumbed through the rest. Some Frank DeLima, but whatever.

Score two: “Magic Lady”.

Both albums—actually, three George Street LPs—were reissued by Cool Sound / Cool Hawaii of Japan. Their music isn’t so much Hawaiian as it is contemporary acoustic jazz pop influence by island life. The interplay and alternations between Gail Mack and her male counterparts make for a soothing, mellow sound. Add simple rhythm backing, some flute and sax solos and you’ve got a winner.

I’ll leave you with two things:

  • George Street isn’t a person, it’s an actual street in Honolulu.
  • “Say You’ll Be Mine” is another favorite of mine:

“Say You’ll Be Mine” by George Street (from Magic Lady)

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  1. Walter Agena says:

    This brings memories when I first met Clay Kim in one of my classes at UH. Very humble guy and said he played a little music, well I did go to listen to George Street in Waikiki. They were great then and still are.

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